The Committee keeps under review and regularly evaluates the composition of the Board and its Committees in order that they retain and reflect the appropriate balance of skills, knowledge, experience and independence to ensure their continued effectiveness.

Appropriate succession plans for the Non-Executive Directors, the Executive Directors and the Group's Senior Management are also kept under review.

The Nominations Committee's terms of reference are available on request to the Company Secretary.

Committee membership and attendance

The Nominations Committee consists of two Independent Non-Executive Directors, including the Senior Independent Non-Executive Director, the Executive Chairman and the CEO.

Boardroom diversity

Appointing the best people to the Board is critical to the success of the Company. The Committee has therefore concluded that while diversity, including gender diversity, is important when reviewing the composition of the Board and possible new appointees, the single most important factor is to identify and recruit / develop people based on skills, leadership and merit. Given our commitment to appointing the best people and making sure that all employees have an equal chance of developing their careers with the Group, the Committee does not think it is appropriate to set targets for Board appointments.

Attendance in 2015/2016
Malcolm Diamond (Chairman)
Neil Warner  appointed 16 June 2015
Jonathan Shearman
Mark Belton — appointed 1 October 2015
Jim Barker — retired 30 September 2015
Neil Chapman (Chairman) — retired 16 June 2015

Succession planning

The Nominations Committee has always had a robust plan to ensure that the Company's successful culture, business model and growth strategy firmly established by the Senior Executive Board and the Senior Management team can be sustained well into the future.

It is clearly evidenced that management development throughout the Group has prospered on the basis of promotion from within. We were delighted that Mark Belton, who has been with the Company for 17 years and CFO for five, and has also played a pivotal role in our successful acquisition activity to date, accepted the promotion to the role of CEO on 1 October 2015 following Jim Barker's retirement on 30 September 2015 (Jim remains a consultant until 30 June 2016).

At the same time, following a 16-year career within one of the top firms of accountants, Clare Foster joined the Group as Group Financial Controller at the start of 2015 and succeeded Mark as CFO and joined the Main Board. On 1 April 2016, Lyndsey Case, our Group Corporate Accountant with 16 years experience in the business took up the role of Company Secretary. These appointments are well deserved to people we acknowledge have the drive, skill sets and experience we look for in our mandate.

In summary, the leadership team has the right experience, knowledge and determination to positively lead and take Trifast to the next stage of its growth aspirations.

Malcolm Diamond

Malcolm Diamond MBE |
Chairman of the Nominations Committee

Neil Warner

Neil Warner |
Senior Independent Non-Executive Director

Jonathan Shearman

Jonathan Shearman |
Independent Non-Executive Director

Mark Belton

Mark Belton |
Executive Director

The Nominations Committee's key focus is to evaluate and examine the skills and characteristics that are needed in Board members to ensure the leadership team has the right balance of skills to deliver its progressive strategy for the benefit of all stakeholders"