We work on a continuous improvement programme of objectives and targets, monitoring our impact on the environment and reducing our waste production and CO2 emission"


Trifast's environmental impact is of great importance to us. It is the intention of the business that its Environmental Management System assesses and controls the environmental impacts of its activities, products and services. It also serves to implement the Company environmental policy. The system drives maintenance and continuous improvement throughout the Group.

Trifast commits to:

  • Prevent pollution as far as is reasonably practical
  • Reduce the production of waste and develop effective waste management and recycling procedures, as well as disposing of unavoidable waste in such a way as to minimise its environmental impact
  • Minimise emissions when defined as having a significant impact
  • Periodically review its environmental arrangements and performance against objectives to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate
  • Encourage awareness of internal and external environmental issues, and this Environmental Policy
  • Conduct its activities in full knowledge of, and compliance with, the requirements of applicable environmental legislation, Approved Codes of Practice and other environmental requirements agreed by top management

Trifast plc


(2015: 7,363)

7.39 per FTE

0.0858 per SQM

Corporate Social Responsibility Pie2016

Europe manufacturing

2,476 tonne

(2015: 2,424 tonnes)

18.61 per FTE

0.066 per SQM

Asia manufacturing

2,871 tonnes

(2015: 2,833 tonnes)

11.12 per FTE

0.244 per SQM

Total manufacturing

5,347 tonnes

(2015: 5,257 tonnes)

13.67 per FTE

0.109 per SQM

Europe distribution

1,101 tonnes

(2015: 1,461 tonnes)

2.66 per FTE

0.042 per SQM


34 tonnes

(2015: 32 tonnes)

3.08 per FTE

0.033 per SQM


561 tonnes

(2015: 613 tonnes)

4.09 per FTE

0.087 per SQM

Total distribution

1,696 tonnes

(2015: 2,106 tonnes)

3.02 per FTE

0.051 per SQM

Jenni Morland

Jenni Morland |
European Health, Safety and Environmental Manager

We work on a continuous improvement programme of objectives and targets, monitoring our impact on the environment and reducing our waste production and CO2 emissions"

Carbon footprint 2015–2016

Our emissions data includes all material emissions of the six Kyoto gases from direct sources, and from purchased electricity, heat, steam and cooling where applicable. No direct source material emissions have been omitted.

Date period for reporting01/04/2014 – 31/03/201501/04/2015 – 31/03/2016
Total scope 12,297 tonnes CO2e1,702 tonnes CO2e
Total scope 25,066 tonnes CO2e5,341 tonnes CO2e
Total GHG emission for Trifast7,363 tonnes CO2e7,043 tonnes CO2e

Figures are reported in tonnes of CO2e (Carbon Dioxide Equivalent)

Reports are calculated in the following ways:

  • Tonnes of CO2e
  • Tonnes of CO2e per FTE (Full Time Equivalent)
  • Tonnes of CO2e per SQM (Square Metres of floor space occupied by the Company)

Business and the community

Trifast recognises the role that local communities play in our businesses and we aspire to be a responsible partner in the communities we operate in around the world. Our desire to support the needs of local areas is as strong as ever and our teams across the globe take part in community initiatives, sponsorship and fundraising activities and are actively encouraged to do so.

Over the last year, within the UK we have strongly supported Macmillan Cancer Support with various fundraising events. Macmillan is a cause close to all of our hearts, particularly in our North East location since the loss of our friend and colleague Linda Woodward in 2015. We will continue to support the Charity in the future.

We also sponsor a number of sporting teams across the globe including grassroots football clubs in the UK, Norway and Holland whist we continue to be a sponsor of Newick Cricket Club in East Sussex.

A new sponsorship is Glasgow Tigers, the West of Scotland's only professional speedway team which is celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2016.

The sporting theme continues with our sponsorship of a young tennis talent, Amelia Devlin who competes at county and regional level and has great potential for the future.

We have formed close links with local schools and colleges promoting opportunities for work experience, classroom seminars, pupil and staff visits. TR's HR Director has become an Enterprise Adviser for a local college with a view to fostering better levels of understanding between schools and industry as to the needs of employers and how this can be fostered within the school/college environment.