We are a 'full service provider' offering 'end-to-end' support to all our customers. Our success and ongoing growth is based on a unique mix of high quality manufacturing, sourcing know-how and adaptable, reliable global logistics.

What we offer OEMs

High quality, low cost product offering

Our eight manufacturing plants spread across Asia, Europe and the UK allow us to provide reliable, timely and high quality product to our 50+ key multinational OEMs around the world.

A 'one-stop' solution for fastener and related components

With our established global supplier networks, we are able to make the right 'make or buy' decision for our customers without impacting on quality or restricting our product range.

Design side technical support

Our engineering teams, through their strong relationships with our customers' R&D departments, look to get involved from the start of the enquiry process, helping our multinational OEM customers to make the right fastener design decisions before full scale production even begins.

Value added engineering and on-site support

Once we are supplying, or where we take over from the competition, those same teams provide ongoing on-site support to ensure production lines remain effective and efficient, adding value and generating efficiencies throughout the supply relationship with our customers.

Global logistics

We have been a global supplier of fasteners and related components for over 40 years. Over that time we have established secure and proven logistic networks across the world. We offer seamless and reliable supply in to over 60 countries, fulfilling a key requirement for our multinational OEM customers.

A flexible and tailored supply

From complex VMI and 'just-in-time' delivery to straight forward ex-works solutions, we are able to provide the most cost effective supply logistics to suit our multinational OEMs' needs.

How we do it


All our key opportunities are logged by our teams around the world on our global 'Enquiry Portal' allowing our sourcing and manufacturing experts to step in and ensure we make the right 'make or buy' decision.

Design & application

A large proportion of sales are driven by customer specific assembly components (including unique product introductions within automotive, electronics/telecoms and domestic appliances). It is a fact that even the large automotive manufacturers tend not to employ in-house specialist fastener engineers. TR's recruitment of experienced fastener engineers over the past two years is raising the Group's profile as a technical innovator and assembly problem solver.

Adding value

Our technically skilled engineers can deliver cost savings to the customer through specific component design or process applications. These savings are then credited against purchase spend thus reducing any price discounting demands and further enhancing our reputation for adding value.


By the time Asia had established itself as a prolific low cost global manufacturing region, we were already in Singapore. Today, the Group, through targeted investments, also has a presence in Taiwan and Malaysia. Additional substantial manufacturing capability also came with our acquisition of VIC, whilst specific TR branded products continue to be manufactured in the UK at our Head Office site.

Adding value

'Just in Time' supply chains and advancements in robotic assembly have driven expectations and demand for zero-defect components. By self-manufacturing we are able to invest to meet changing demands. Ongoing capital expenditure in new manufacturing and inspection plant within our factories is almost routine, with significant investment currently underway at our Italian site.

Sourcing of components

TR is unique as it combines low cost, high quality manufacturing with sophisticated supply chain distribution and logistics. Two-thirds of Group revenue is sourced from world class external suppliers, allowing us to be a 'one-stop' solution for fasteners and related components.

Adding value

Offering reliability of quality and supply 24/7, whilst being 'fleet of foot' is a key requirement for managing rapidly changing market trends at both the micro and macroeconomic level. Our established high quality supplier network, in conjunction with our in-house manufacturing capacity, means we can respond to both our customers' urgent supply situations and longer term market changes with equal success.


With our core facilities in Asia, North America and Europe mirroring the global spread of our customer base, we can meet the challenging geographical requirements of our customers. By offering logistic solutions from transportation, warehousing, distribution, through to production lines, we can provide to our customers a cost effective and efficient service.

Adding value

With a truly global supply chain, tailored to each individual customer's needs, we complement our customers processes and systems and considerably reduce the total in-place cost of component parts.


To keep moving forward, it is key that we continue to invest in our business, whether this is in our people, our manufacturing capabilities and quality, or in finding the next successful niche bolt-on acquisition.

Key resources


  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Plant and machinery
  • Distribution network


  • Licences
  • Company reputation
  • Brands


  • Shareholders' equity
  • Debt
  • Strong cash generation


  • A key part of our success is our people — their skills, enthusiasm, loyalty and energy are constantly recognised by our customers and suppliers

Key partners for growth — our customers and suppliers

The strong relationships we have built with our key global multinational OEMs over the last 40+ years are considered to be a significant asset to the Group. We will continue to prioritise the development and protection of these relationships as we continue to gain market share across the world.

Our established supplier network will help to support that growth. Having a global network of trusted, high quality and reliable suppliers, allows us to have the confidence to continue to grow and evolve as market demands dictate, be that via supporting new product ranges, logistical methodologies or geographies, so as to access more of the global fastener market.