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TR is not just a nut 'n' bolt seller. Our engineering knowledge and experience, supported by our high quality manufacturing locations means that we are able to add real value to our customers throughout the purchasing cycle. From initial enquiry and product development, through to ongoing supply management, we have the skills across the world to problem solve, as well as to drive efficiencies throughout the life of a build.

Our reputation in the industry for quality is second to none. We are known for our commitment and ability to go the extra mile for our customers, solving issues before they arise and stepping in where competitors have fallen short.

By solving problems, insisting on absolute quality and reliability of supply at all times and working with our customers through a process of continuous improvement, TR is able to not only secure new wins in the marketplace but, just as importantly, we are able to keep and build on our existing multinational OEM relationships around the world.

All of this commitment is supported by established supplier networks and valuable licences that mean we can offer a full range of product to meet our customers' component requirements across a broad range of sectors.

Performance so far

Our application engineers have solved problems and created efficiencies for customers. In automotive, we have developed new manufacturing technology to allow production efficiencies in tailgate assembly. In our Italian operation, our engineering know-how has driven substantial efficiencies in washing machine transit fasteners.

Over the course of the year, our robust quality procedures have been supplemented by an ongoing investment in additional quality and measurement equipment. This has been further supported by our investment in people with our quality teams growing across the world.

We continuously undergo customer audits across our manufacturing locations. Over the last 12 months, we have successfully passed our first automotive customer audit at VIC, as well as an initial audit from a key new multinational OEM customer in Singapore. In Taiwan, our latest customer audit result was 99.2%, reflecting their well-deserved reputation for high quality, particularly within the Tier 1 automotive market place.

External recognition is also evident in the awards we have received, including a Supplier Performance Award from Yanfeng Automotive Interiors in Shanghai and a Best Sustaining Quality award from HGST in Singapore.

Plans for the future

Looking ahead we see investing in quality and engineering as an ongoing requirement as the demands our customers place on us increase across all sectors of our business. We have a very strong foundation to work from, and plans are already in place to continue to invest in, and build our teams globally.

In our Italian manufacturing site specifically, FY2017 will see us apply for full TS16949 accreditation, helping to support the growth of our automotive business in this region.

The ongoing investment in our newly developed commercial website will ensure we continue to differentiate ourselves from the competition by providing a unique 'go-to service' for the whole industry. The further development of our global enquiry portal over the course of next year will help our teams around the world to work together, identifying opportunities, following up on leads and supporting our customer base in the most effective and profitable way.