HR team

Succession planning is an important activity for the Group and a lot of work has been undertaken with managers, and as part of location presentations to employees, to identify those who might want to progress with the Company and step into alternative roles"
Helen Toole

Helen Toole |
TR HR Director

Jenni Morland |
European Health, Safety and Environmental Manager

Rebecca Vaughan |
HR Representative

Carolyn Emsley |
HR Project Administrator and Representative

Gail Leys |
HR Representative

Julie Fry |
UK Payroll and Benefits Manager


Communication across the Group is very important, especially communication with our employees.

Each year, senior team members visit the business locations to speak to all employees about the progress, developments and innovations within the Group as well as the performance of the Group as a whole, making it clear how individuals have contributed to those results.

To enhance communication and aid the spread of best practice within the Group, we are aiming to bring more of our colleagues together for training and development purposes and to enable us to truly harness the power of the team.

The team

With one of the main strategic pillars being 'investing in people', the work and responsibilities of the HR team continue to grow. The team is now responsible for general HR matters across the UK, Europe and USA, as well as the environmental, health and safety and corporate social responsibility aspects of the business.

The team has been enhanced this year to cover the new responsibilities and we have HR representatives in all of our locations with whom we work closely to implement the strategy.