We are committed to providing opportunities for our employees through our succession planning and training activities.

We are also committed to recruiting the best people from within the industry to allow us to meet new and exciting challenges.

Here are some of the new roles and role changes that have taken place within the last year:

  • Brett Pastryk has joined our team in the USA as an Application Engineer
  • Two new Business Development Managers have been recruited in TR Kuhlmann – Hans-Hermann Fisher and Simone Georgi
  • Raul Moreno has joined the Strategic Team as a Business Development Manager in Spain
  • Jakob Niklinski is an addition to the team at VIC as Quality Assurance Manager
  • Kevin de Stadler has been brought in as Director of Sales for the UK and Ireland
  • Francesco Cricco and Karol Gregorczyk have both taken on new roles within VIC. Francesco is now Finance and Supply Chain Director and Karol is Sales and Development Director
  • Helen Toole has been appointed HR Director of TR Fastenings Ltd
  • Charlie Foo has been promoted to Managing Director of TR Asia
  • Lyndsey Case has been appointed as Company Secretary
  • Clare Foster has taken the role of Chief Financial Officer vacated by Mark Belton when he became Chief Executive Officer
We welcome all of our new colleagues throughout the Company and congratulate those who have been promoted within the last year"

Simone Georgi

Lyndsey Case

Raul Moreno

Kevin De Stadler

Brett Pastryk

Jakob Niklinski

Mark Belton

Clare Foster

Helen Toole

Hans-Hermann Fisher

Charlie Foo

Francesco Cricco

Karol Gregorczyk