Keith Gibb

Keith Gibb |
Head of Web Development

Abi Burnett

Abi Burnett |
Head of Marketing

Jo Devlin

Jo Devlin |
Strategic Project Manager

Peter Webb

Peter Webb |
Software Development Manager

Anji Longley

Anji Longley |
Web Project Manager

Glenda Roberts

Glenda Roberts |
Group Sales Director

Group Sales Director, Glenda Roberts, was the Main Board sponsor for the project.

I am delighted with what the team has achieved in such a short time. We have had fantastic feedback from our customer base and the new website is already starting to help us secure new business. We have big plans for the site over the next few years: more products, more information and customer-specific portals so it's reassuring that we have such a solid team behind it"

Since its launch over ten years ago, TR's commercial website has proven to be extremely popular with designers and specifiers across the globe.

With the increasing use of mobile devices and an ever growing portfolio of products, we felt that the existing website was in need of a major overhaul.Rather than apply fixes we decided to start again from scratch and build a data-driven, fully responsive website with our own in-house team.

As our website is predominately used by designers looking for technical specifications, we wanted it to be driven by the product data so we started to compile a database of dimensional information. The advantage of this approach was that by completion we would have a single database of all our product data. New products can be added quickly and errors fixed in one place. In addition to driving the website, we wanted to populate data in our product brochures.

Having been with TR for over 25 years, working in marketing, sales and products, Keith Gibb was appointed to oversee the process, working closely with marketing and the IT team.

Jo Devlin was asked to project manage the process, ensuring that the team was successful in meeting the objectives of the project and also hitting all major timelines.

Abi Burnett and the marketing team took on the task of designing the look of the site and compiling the rest of the content.

We needed a fresh, modern look that worked well on mobile devices. More importantly we needed good content and this was the ideal opportunity to rewrite the whole corporate side of the site. We wanted to ensure every visitor saw a complete picture of TR as a global full service provider; our products, our services and the industries we supply. Good design and content in this area is vital for enhanced user experience and helps our new website to be ranked highly by search engines ensuring TR is found for the products and services we supply.

All of this design and content means nothing without good solid programming and a reliable hosting service. This came down to Peter Webb who has been programming applications for TR for 16 years.

After 12 months of intensive work, the site went live at the beginning of February 2016.